If you have any questions or concerns about this Agreement, please contact us at legal@zohocorp.com. Level 1 – Contact Partner Support Escalation at partnersupport-escalation@zohocorp.com2nd level – Contact the Regional Partner Success Manager/ Leads.3rd level – Contact Kevin.4th level – The current approach is to contact Peter/Vijay/Partner Connect. You must be of legal age to enter into a binding agreement in order to accept the terms. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, do not use any of our services. If you accept the Terms and Conditions and do not accept any Terms specific to the Service, do not use the applicable Service. You may accept the Terms by checking a box or clicking a button indicating your acceptance of the Terms, or by actually using the Services. When you create an account for your organization, you can specify one or more administrators. Administrators have the right to configure services according to your needs and manage end users in your organizational account. If your organizational account is created and configured on your behalf by a third-party provider, that third-party provider has likely assumed the role of administrator for your organization. Be sure to enter into an appropriate agreement with this third party that defines the roles and boundaries of that party as the administrator of your organizational account.

Zoho is an indispensable weapon for any business owner to convert their prospects into paying customers and grow their business profitably. Zoho isn`t just another cool cloud app provider. Zoho`s product management, sales, and support team was outstanding. You will certainly spare no effort to offer an exceptional customer and partner experience. See more. Show less. You are responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure that your organization does not lose control of administrator accounts. You can specify a process to restore control in the event of a loss of control of administrator accounts by sending an email to legal@zohocorp.com, provided that the process is acceptable to Zoho. In the absence of a specific process for restoring administrator accounts, Zoho may provide control of an administrator account to a person who provides satisfactory evidence to Zoho that demonstrates their eligibility to act on behalf of the organization. You agree not to hold Zoho responsible for the consequences of any action Zoho has taken in good faith in this regard. The personal information you provide to Zoho through the Service is subject to Zoho`s Privacy Policy. Your decision to use the Service signifies your acceptance of the terms of Zoho`s Privacy Policy.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username, password and other sensitive information. You are responsible for all activities that take place in your user account and you agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your user account by email to accounts@zohocorp.com or by phone at one of the numbers listed on www.zoho.com/contact.html. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to you or any third party resulting from unauthorized access to and/or use of your user account or otherwise. You have successfully registered as a Zoho Partner. Our account manager will contact you shortly. The relationship between you and Zoho is not exclusive. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as establishing a partnership, joint venture, agency or other relationship. You may not enter into any contract or assume any obligation on behalf of Zoho. Zoho is also not authorized to enter into a contract or assume any obligation on your behalf. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Zoho and supersedes all prior notices, agreements and understandings.

You may not assign this Agreement automatically or otherwise without Zoho`s prior written consent. You agree not to register any trademarks that are similar to Zoho`s confusing trademarks. Similarly, you agree not to register or use Internet domain names that are similar to Zoho`s trademarks. Zoho`s failure to enforce your strict performance of any provision of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of Zoho`s right to enforce that provision or any other provision of this Agreement at a later date. If any part of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder shall be construed as having the intention of both parties reasonably implemented. For partners with a valid support service contract, an escalation can be initiated at any time after the SLA response time. If you have followed our standard support processes and with our teams and are not satisfied with the level or speed of the service received, you can climb accordingly. In addition, an escalation should be initiated if it has a noticeable impact on your production environment or if there is a high risk to business operations. “Twenty-two years in the world of enterprise technology, my company has become an agent of change by working with Zoho. A Zoho partnership is more than just an association; It is a way of understanding business in an organic and ethical way. A clear win-win situation in every way.

Our partner support escalation management process ensures that our partners have the means to pay more attention to an issue. We are committed to providing high quality support to all our partners. If you need to escalate a case, our technical team is ready and available to help you solve your problem quickly. Our efficient escalation management process is designed to keep you informed of the status of your escalated file at every step of the process. Each escalation is assigned a manager and/or manager to monitor the case from a holistic perspective. This person is responsible for assessing the situation, facilitating the problem and acting on your behalf as a lawyer. Zoho is a global company with various partners from around the world. Our partners are committed to providing innovative solutions and exceptional support in multiple languages. Zoho provides the partner with technical/operational support for issues related to the designated Zoho services or reseller store in the manner specified in the Consulting Partner Agreement: Take the Partner Onboarding Course and configure your Partner Portal to manage your customers Partner Support provides pre-sales and after-sales support for all technical and operational issues that you and your customer face throughout the product life cycle. can be. Partner support also helps with the onboarding of new partners and offers extensive product training.

We may suspend your user account or temporarily disable access to all or part of a Service in the event of suspicion of illegal activity, prolonged periods of inactivity, or requests from law enforcement or other government agencies. Objections to the suspension or deactivation of user accounts must be addressed to legal@zohocorp.com within thirty days of notification of the suspension. We may terminate a suspended or deactivated user account after thirty days. We will also terminate your user account at your request. .